Ecole de Nimes

Ciel Rouge Creation +  Tezuka Architects.


The Leo Rousson school, in the commune of Nimes, is getting a new look and is reconsidering its layout with the ambition of achieving a quality of space and organization for a rich, modular and evolving education over time. This project will achieve the overarching goal of academic and educational success.

The project consists of a large roof covering almost the entire plot. This roof is pierced in places to accommodate outdoor facilities such as playgrounds, the forecourt and the parking lot. These breakthroughs are justified in the first instance by the implantation of existing trees. They then respond to a need for functionality and articulation between spaces.

The building consists of a simple geometric plan. Its aesthetic is unique and identifiable. The roof, with its refined form, offers a fifth facade to the district. It can be used by students and teachers as well as by residents on certain occasions.

The project integrates into the existing plant landscape and complements it with new plantations and new species.

The green spaces surround the building and line the roof, restoring a green and organic continuity between the Southeast (heavily wooded residential area) and the West of the district (dense vegetation due to individual habitats with gardens),

The multipurpose spaces, which are shared with the inhabitants, are located along rue Robert Schumann. The learning rooms are set back from public space. They open onto the indoor playgrounds.